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EuLakes Model on-line

The EuLakes model represents a new integrated approach to investigate, map and compare vulnerability of big lakes. The outputs of the projects are here collected, managed, shared and interpreted to be easily reachable and understood by lakes’ stakeholders and decision makers in a rapid and efficient way to support the environmentally educated decision making. The outputs are explained for their importance and use to the lakes’s stakeholders, and a specifically built geographical interface allows the viewer to easily localize the data concerning his/her specific area of interest.

publishing date: 07/10/2013

International Competition Award Ceremony

On September 19th, at the end of the EuLakes final event has took place the award ceremony for the International Competition. The winners are: Category A: primary school "Sanzio" (IT) Category B: junior high school "Szkola podstawowa" (P) Category C: senior high school "E. Fermi" (IT) Click on the "INFO" (at the bottom of the news) to see the winning works!

publishing date: 30/09/2013

Eulakes project - Final event

On Thursday 19th September, in Torri del Benàco, Auditorium San Giovanni, the final event of the Eulakes Project (project founded by the European Programme Central Europe), will take place. This event will offer the opportunity to know the important results obtained by the different research sectors in more than three years of work; during the event and in future the decision makers and the environmental governance will benefit from support and useful data and information gathered by the Eulakes project experiences in the four lakes – Lake Garda (IT), Lake Balaton (H), Lake Neusiedl (A), Lake Charzykowskie (PL). The event will be also a chance for the local policy makers to become acquainted with the four lakes local agreements contents and specially the "Contratto di Lago per il futuro del bacino benacense", the agreement drawn up for the Lake Garda. Starting from the Eulakes experience the "Contratto di Lago" will be developed and implemented in the next future together with the voluntarily ...

publishing date: 19/09/2013

Workshop: quality and sustainable use of water in lake Garda and large European lakes

May 30, 2013, at the headquarter of the "Garda Community", will take place an interesting workshop on "Quality and sustainable use of water resources in the Lake Garda and large lakes in Europe: experiences within the project Eulakes. The international experts of Eulakes will talk about water quality with regard to evolutions of harmful algae populations, cyanobacteria, under climate chiange scenarios. Click "INFO" to download the program, the book of abstracts and detailed informations.

publishing date: 16/05/2013

Eulakes at next EGU General Assembly

Lakes and climate change – impacts, vulnerability, risk assessment and adaptation strategies. Eulakes expert, led by Gerhard Soja, will participate to the next EGU General Assembly in Wien (A) talking about "Lakes and Climate Change - impacts, vulnerability, risk assessment and adaptation strategies. Full programme and more information: click "info".

publishing date: 10/04/2013

Velambiente 2013: for a more sustainable world!

Exhibition, which suggests a different interpretation key to the sailing, for a better understanding of it: not only as a wonderful sport, but also as an opportunity to be thoughtful and respectful to the environment. Interactive and multimedial corners, through which you can listen to the sounds of the lake, the tellings of the sailmaker and of the shipwright, understanding how the antropogenic underwater sounds interfere with the acquatic ecosystem. It will be possible to discover the latest creations in the energy efficiency field, the development of the shipbuilding techniques, by seeing the peculiar materials the sailing boats are made of, with your own eyes. Free entry

publishing date: 05/03/2013

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